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Exposed Fastener Roofing System vs Standing Seam Roofing System – Pros & Cons

Choosing the proper roofing is crucial for your home’s protection and style. The decision between an exposed fastener system and a standing seam system hinges on their durability, performance, and visual impact. This article highlights the potential pros & cons of an exposed fastener and standing seam roofing system, helping you select the perfect fit for your home’s design vision. Let’s dive in!

Exposed Fastener Roofing Systems

This system involves securing metal panels to the roof structure with fasteners that remain visible on the surface. Known for its visibility of fasteners, this method is a budget-friendly and straightforward solution for metal roofing. It’s widely used in agricultural, industrial, and residential buildings. Below, we explore the benefits and drawbacks of the exposed fastener metal roofing system to aid in your decision.



Pros of Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing:

1. Cost-Effectiveness:  One of the primary benefits of opting for exposed fastener metal roofing is its affordability. This roofing solution is more cost-effective than its counterpart, the standing seam metal roofing, primarily due to its less complex installation process and reduced labour requirements.

2. Installation Simplicity: The installation ease provided by exposed fastener metal roofing systems is unparalleled. The design incorporates visible screws that enable quick and efficient panel securing. This feature particularly appeals to do it-yourself enthusiasts who appreciate the straightforward installation process.

3. Design Flexibility: Exposed fastener metal roofing boasts remarkable versatility, offering various profiles, colours, and materials. This flexibility allows homeowners to select options that align perfectly with their architectural preferences, ensuring that their roofing complements the overall design of their home.

4. Effortless Repairs: Maintenance and repairs are a breeze with exposed fastener metal roofing. In the event of panel damage, simple removal of screws allows for the easy replacement of panels, making this roofing system a practical choice for long-term upkeep.

5. Adaptability for Various Roof Slopes: Whether dealing with steep or gently sloping roofs, exposed fastener metal roofing is an excellent choice. The metal panels’ secure fastening makes them suitable for a wide array of roof pitches.

Cons of Exposed Fastener Roofing Systems:

1. Aesthetic Limitations: The most notable limitation of exposed fastener metal roofing lies in its aesthetics.
The visible screws may not best fit specific architectural styles, potentially detracting from the building’s appearance.

2. Thermal Movement: Metal panels are subject to thermal movement due to temperature changes, leading to contraction and expansion. Over time, this can result in the loosening of screws, compromising the roof’s structural integrity.

Standing Seam Roofing Systems

Standing seam roofing systems are a modern solution characterized by their raised interlocking seams that join the panels together. This design not only contributes to the structural integrity of the roofing but also offers a contemporary and polished look that sets it apart from traditional roofing materials. Typically crafted from durable materials like aluminum or high-grade steel, these systems are recognized for their longevity and require minimal upkeep as the years go by.



Pros of Standing Seam Roofing Systems:


1. Environmental Sustainability: Standing seam roofs are often made from recycled materials. They are fully
recyclable at the end of their life, making them an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their ecological footprint.

2. Durability: One of the most essential benefits of standing seam roofing is its durability. These systems are designed to last decades, resisting wear and tear much better than many other roofing materials.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: The sleek lines and modern look of standing seam roofs can significantly enhance the architectural beauty of a building. They offer a clean, high-end finish often sought after in contemporary design.

4. Curb Appeal Maintenance: Unlike other roofing options that might deteriorate in appearance over time, standing seam roofing maintains its curb appeal with little effort, ensuring that the property looks inviting and well-maintained.

5. Fire Resistance: With a Class A fire rating, the highest available, standing seam roofs are an excellent choice for fire safety, providing peace of mind to homeowners and building managers.

6. Weather Resistance: The unique design and materials used in standing seam roofing systems make them exceptionally resistant to extreme weather conditions, like heavy snow, high winds, and rains, reducing the likelihood of damage and maintenance costs.

Cons of Standing Seam Roofing Systems:


1. Oil Canning: Oil canning can occur during installation, which may cause the metal panels to appear wavy or distorted when they don’t expand properly.

2. Higher Initial Cost: The upfront cost of standing seam roofing systems is considerably higher than traditional roofing materials. This can be a significant factor for budget-conscious property owners.

Deciding between an Exposed Metal Roofing System and a Standing Seam Roofing System is not straightforward, but it’s an important decision. Each system has its own set of advantages tailored to different needs. If your priority is a roof that withstands severe weather, offers flexibility, is straightforward to install, and has longevity, then the Exposed Metal Roofing System is ideal. Conversely, if you focus on superior fire resistance, eco-friendliness, or a sleek and modern look, the Standing Seam Roofing System should be your choice.

Are you prepared to choose a roofing solution for your home that provides safety and enhances its value? Our team is ready to support you in finding the right roof that suits your preferences and design sensibilities.

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